Kyle Hartman

I’ve been a network support technician at Holt of California for 2½ years, providing hardware and software support to our employees. This is my first full-time job out of college. I went to the University of the Pacific and had an internship here. They gave me a flexible schedule while I was finishing up school and when I graduated my manager came to me and said she wanted to bring me on full-time. At other part-time jobs I’ve had, I felt like a cog in a wheel, but here you get training and they make you feel like you’re part of the team. I’ve already started managing some projects and I see myself taking on more advanced projects in the years to come. Holt of California likes to stay current on technology and one really great part of the job is that anyone – even an intern – can bring up new ideas and suggest new ways of doing things. There hasn’t been a day yet that I have regretted coming to work.

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