Service Trainee Technician

Those seeking trainee service technician jobs can find the programs to begin their careers with Holt of California. Whether you’re a recent high school graduate or seeking a career change, our programs provide the knowledge and training to promote your success as a service technician. The training opens doors to further advancement within the company, including field service technician trainee jobs. Jobs with Holt of California also involve excellent benefits, salary and work schedules.

Training Opportunities

Holt of California believes in growing its own from the ground up when it comes to its technician workforce. We offer two training programs, GRO and the ThinkBIG program from Caterpillar. You can start your career with one of these training programs to begin your career path at Holt of California.


Originally developed by Caterpillar, ThinkBIG is a great opportunity for those who love to tinker with cars, bikes or have a general interest in motors and mechanics or how things work. It is a great entry point for a career with Holt of California.

With ThinkBIG, you spend two years learning through a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on training as an equipment service technician trainee. This program covers technologies like:

  • Transmissions and undercarriages
  • Computer-based diagnostics
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Electronic engines, hydraulics and transmissions

At the end of the two years, you receive an Associate of Science (AS) degree and a job as an entry-level technician with Holt of California, which can be the beginning of a long, exciting career with the company. Former ThinkBIG graduates have moved into various other roles within the company, including field service, management and sales.

Classroom instruction is provided through San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, CA, while hands-on training takes place at a Holt of California location. Space is limited each year for ThinkBIG, so it’s important to understand its application and interview process. Your application will require:

  • An employment application through ThinkBIG
  • Letters of recommendation
  • An essay detailing your interest in the program
  • A high school transcript or GED

If you believe ThinkBIG is the program for you, please provide your information below so we can be in touch to provide you with more details about the program and its application process.

To learn more about the Caterpillar ThinkBIG program click here or fill out the form below.


GRO is a four-year program. During year 1, trainees in our GRO program will attend 7 trainings for their division:

  1. Computer Fundamentals, including SIS/ET
  2. Electrical Fundamentals (DPC, ILT)
  3. Engine Repair and Fasteners
  4. Basic Welding
  5. Tier 4 Technology (DPC)
  6. Warranty and Service Report Writing
  7. LOTO – DPC Online Learning

Each trainee will have monthly evaluations to ensure their progress toward technical expertise. Toolboxes and tools will be provided for each trainee by Holt of California while the trainee maintains the inventory for each toolbox. At the end of the four-year program, this toolbox will belong to the trainee.

To learn more information about Holt of California’s GRO program, reach out using the form below!

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