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Holt Family of Companies Podcast Now Available!

Welcome to the Holt Company Podcast! We’re excited to share our new podcast featuring real stories from our amazing employees! Our goal is to celebrate diversity in all forms, foster commercial knowledge, and build meaningful connections.

Tune in to hear from our employees each week, and to gain a unique insight into their work and how it connects to the vision of the Holt Company. We are passionate about creating meaningful connections and empowering all of our employees.

We invite you to join us and connect with the incredible people making our company great. Tune in now to hear our first episode and look forward to more every week.


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8.4 the Right mindset part 2

Podcast episode

Part 2 of the “Right Mindset” continues to showcase the connections between the initial interaction with a customer and all subsequent experiences.

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8.3 the Right mindset Part 1

Podcast episode

Many customers do business with different divisions. While we work with individually within our divisions, our customers see us as one Holt. Experiences with one division transfers to all other experiences with Holt, so it is imperative that we leave them in the right mindset–consistency is key.

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8.2 the loyalty trinity

Podcast episode

Appreciated. Secure. Effortless interactions. This is the Loyalty Trinity that every customer should walk away feeling. Tune into episode 8.2 to hear how one  Rental Coordinator achieves the Loyalty Trinity.

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8.1 Impacting the customer journey

Podcast episode

Think about your role in the customers journey. What service do you provide our customers? How does your efficiency translate to the customer? How does your expertise enhance the customer experience?

Tune into episode 8.1 of CORE where we learn about the impact non-customer facing employees have on the customer journey.

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7 Profitability=Sustainability

Podcast micro episode

Hear from Todd Thompson, Cory Wolf and more about how we think about profitability as a company, and in our individual roles.

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7.3 trimming the fat

Podcast micro episode

Tune into episode 7.3 of CORE where we identify one of our most valuable methods of expense management.

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7.2 profit strategies

Podcast micro episode

Tune into episode 7.2 of CORE where we continue to explore profitability as a measurement tool. In this episode you’ll learn a about a few strategies we use to manage expenses and increase profit.

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7.1 Profitabilty vs. Profit

Podcast micro episode

Tune in to understand the difference between profitability and profit, and what really matters, which is what we do with the information garnered by profitability calculations.

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 listen now ep. 6

6 May the force be with you

Podcast Full LEngth episode

While our Safety Department is essential to supporting and developing safety initiatives, the best people to look for improvements to procedure are the individuals actually doing the job. Tune into May The Force Be With You to learn about the Task Force, the location specific safety committee. Understand the purpose, how it works, and how to start your own task force at your location.

 listen now ep. 6.3

6.3 Handling workplace injuries

Podcast micro episode

Although we do everything we can to prevent injuries, when they do happen, it is important to be prepared. Step one of a non-life-treating injury is to call Work Care.

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6.2 attention drivers!

Podcast micro episode

Do you drive a company vehicle? Are you a Holt Family of Companies service provider? Tune into this episode to find out what the switch from Lytx to Samsara means for you as a driver.

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6.1 jackpot

Podcast micro episode

Micro Episode 6.1 explains our safety incentive programs and how you can win cash and other prizes for something you already do–being safe!

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4 What If…

Podcast Full Length Episode

Join Ken and Ryan as they tackle “What If” scenarios submitted by you! In Episode 4, we delve into thrilling possibilities and address captivating statements. Don’t miss out on this intriguing discussion! Tune in now!

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4.3 track your risk

Podcast micro episode

Discover the importance of taking appropriate risks and learn about how use a pre-established program in your decision making process

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4.2 Risk it for the biscuit

Podcast micro episode

In this episode, we unveil a fascinating journey of how taking a leap of faith led the Material Handling Division to an unexpected and immensely loyal customer.

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4.1 Compact risk, big reward

Podcast micro episode

One significant risk we discuss revolves around a strategic investment we made to enhance the sales of compact construction equipment. Discover the reasoning behind this move and how it positioned us for significant growth and success in this ever-evolving industry.

 listen now ep. 3

3 how much do they really know?

Podcast Full length Episode

Through captivating conversations, we explore the experiences of employees who pose challenging questions to their higher-ups. As executives face the spotlight, we witness their genuine reactions, surprises, and occasional realizations, all of which contribute to the dynamic nature of this episode.

 listen now ep. 3.3

3.3 Save time by taking the time

Podcast micro Episode

In this captivating episode, we explore the significance of effective communication and its profound impact on our lives. We often find ourselves rushing through conversations, hastily conveying thoughts, and not fully expressing our ideas. But what if we told you that by taking the time to communicate clearly and completely, you can actually save time in the long run?

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3.2 Take accountability

Podcast micro Episode

Without taking accountability, progress is stunted. In our pursuit of continuous improvement through teamwork, listen to this episode about the impact taking accountability has on real challenges within our company.

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3.1 Break it down

Podcast micro Episode

In line with our third core value, we believe that success lies not only in individual efforts but also in harmonious collaboration and open communication. In this episode, we explore the key role communication plays in breaking down barriers, fostering cooperation, and ultimately achieving continuous growth.

 listen now ep. 2

2 Fleet draft

Podcast full length Episode

Tune in and vote! Episode 2 of CORE Podcast is now live! Join us as industry experts strategically draft their ultimate 5-machine fleet to survive on a deserted island. Listen to their picks and cast your vote on who you think stands the best chance for survival. Don’t miss out on this thrilling and insightful episode!

Fleet Draft Winner: Mike Davis, Holt Ag Solutions Yuba City

 listen now ep. 2.3

2.3 Suite of Support

Podcast Micro Episode

In “Suite of Support,” we explore the various components that contribute to our exceptional product knowledge. Listen in as we delve into the range of support services and offerings that come hand in hand with our whole goods products. One such significant aspect that we will be uncovering is the diverse maintenance agreements we provide.

 listen now ep. 2.2

2.2 Upgrade with technology

Podcast Micro Episode

“Upgrade with Technology” beckons you to join us as we uncover the intricacies of the ever-evolving technological landscape and how that applies to our industries. Discover the transformative power of the products we sell through SITECH West and the Holt Ag Solutions Tech Team. Gain a deeper understanding of how these technological marvels can revolutionize our industry and propel our customer’s businesses’ to new heights.

 listen now ep. 2.1

2.1 Find all our products…

Podcast Micro Episode

Episode 2.1 is the first installment of our second core value, Superior Product Knowledge. Listen to this episode to understand the importance of Superior Product Knowledge across our companies and learn about a new tool to help get you there.

 listen now ep. 1

1 Reason to return

Podcast Full length Episode

Hosted by our insightful host, let us introduce you to Kim Lightfoot, Chris Barnes, and Jared Murdaugh – true pioneers in the customer satisfaction world. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, they will take you on an engaging journey, unveiling behind-the-scenes stories and insights that will leave you craving for more!

Quiz Winner: Jennifer Guilford

 listen now ep. 1.3

1.3 Internal customers

Podcast Micro Episode

Micro Episode 1.3 explores the notion that internal customers are just as vital as external customers. By nurturing a positive and supportive workplace environment, we not only enhance our own efficiency and productivity but also enhance the overall customer experience. This episode serves as a powerful reminder that exceptional customer service extends far beyond direct interactions with customers-it begins with how we treat our co-workers and colleagues.

 listen now ep. 1.2

1.2 Survey says…

Podcast Micro Episode

Customer satisfaction is tied to a numerical measurement and analyzed based on customer survey results we receive from The Daniel Group. Listen to this Micro Episode to learn more about the importance of customer satisfaction, how we measure it, and how we recognize our employees for going above and beyond for our customers.

 listen now ep. 1.1

1.1 We’re starting a podcast

Podcast Micro Episode

Learn about the origin story, purpose, and structure of the podcast.



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