Company Values

Holt OF CALIFORNIA lives and breathes the following seven core values, from our executive team on down in all that we do day in and day out:

1. Superior Customer Satisfaction

is making a customer’s success our priority and treating fellow employees like customers.

2. Superior Product Knowledge

is choosing the right equipment for customer’s application, helping them maintain equipment, providing advice on using equipment for their application and referring customers to other divisions.

3. Continuous Improvement

with Teamwork is working side by side in cubicles and service bays finding ways to improve from the executive team through all departments.

4. Appropriate Risk

is taking risks on new ideas or products that are well thought-out with defined goals and implementation plans that will bring us success.

5. Loyalty, Honesty & Integrity and

is being open and forthright along with the employees and the company being loyal to each other.

6. Safety

is everybody home safely everyday.

7. Profitability

allows us to invest in and grow the business, along with enhancing customer satisfaction, ensuring we survive the inevitable economic cycles and keeping our stakeholders committed to investing in the business.

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